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Darby Daniels

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Profession: Actor / Actress

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Actor (62)

  Title Year Budget Box Office
Burn Burn Non sex extra (as Darby) 2008
Axegrinder Axegrinder Jogger / Nurse (as Susan Hale) 2006
Sex Sells: The Making of 'Touché' Sex Sells: The Making of 'Touché' Dancer (as Susan Hale) 2005
Bound Obsession Bound Obsession 2005
Busty Bound Beauties Busty Bound Beauties 2005
Girl/Girl Bondage 4 Girl/Girl Bondage 4 2004
Girl Gangbound 2 Girl Gangbound 2 2004
Young and Seductive Young and Seductive Samantha (as Susan Hale) 2004
Roughbound 3 Roughbound 3 2003
Bondage Fantasy Bondage Fantasy 2003
Gangbound 4 Gangbound 4 Darby 2003
Girl/Girl Bondage 3 Girl/Girl Bondage 3 Darby 2003
Maximum Suspensions Maximum Suspensions 2003
Bondage My Way Bondage My Way 2003
Girl Gangbound Girl Gangbound 2003
Adept Maid Institute Adept Maid Institute Darby 2003
Hog Tie Hell Hog Tie Hell 2003
Gangbound 6 Gangbound 6 Darby 2003
Gangbound 5 Gangbound 5 Darby 2003
Roughbound 2 Roughbound 2 2002
Roughbound 1 Roughbound 1 2002
Gangbound 3 Gangbound 3 Darby 2002
The Exquisite Equestrienne The Exquisite Equestrienne 2002
The Business The Business Darby 2002
Too Hot to Handle Too Hot to Handle 2002
Nine Bound Beauties Nine Bound Beauties Darby 2002
Lashed in Latex Lashed in Latex 2002
Erotic Obsessions Erotic Obsessions Redhead (as Susan Hale) 2002
Something Made Me Do It... Something Made Me Do It... Darby 2002
Bound to Sell Bound to Sell Darby 2002
Platinum Blonde Platinum Blonde Maria (as Susan Hale) 2001
Triple Summits Triple Summits 2001
Pantyhose Predicaments Pantyhose Predicaments 2001
Bondage Confidential Bondage Confidential Darby 2000
The Two-Timing Tier The Two-Timing Tier Darby 2000
The Inhabitant The Inhabitant 2000
Banner's Bondagettes Banner's Bondagettes 2000
Pantyhose Pixies Pantyhose Pixies 2000
Old Fashioned Photo Treasure Old Fashioned Photo Treasure 2000
Seven Sealed Seven Sealed 2000
Tight Club Tight Club 2000
Bondage Collaboration Bondage Collaboration 2000
Andromina: The Pleasure Planet Andromina: The Pleasure Planet Dancer (as Susan Hale) 1999
Spandex Disco Queens in Bondage Spandex Disco Queens in Bondage 1999
Bondage Eros Bondage Eros 1999
Bondage Dream Girls Bondage Dream Girls 1999
Supertight Supertight 1998
Burglary & Bondage Burglary & Bondage 1998
The Neighborhood Snoop The Neighborhood Snoop (as Darby) 1998
Insatiable Needs Insatiable Needs Jackie (as Susan Hale) 0
Sexual Temptations Sexual Temptations Rebecca James (as Susan Hale) 0
Girl for Girl Girl for Girl Micki (as Susan E. Hale) 0
The Seduction of Maxine The Seduction of Maxine Bridgette (as Susan Hale) 0
Virgins of Sherwood Forest Virgins of Sherwood Forest Eve (as Susan Hale) 0
Legion: The Word Made Flesh Legion: The Word Made Flesh Concubine (as Susan Hale) 0
Carnal Passion Carnal Passion Tina (as Susan Hale) 0
Enticement Enticement Jennifer (as Susan Hale) 0
NoAngels.com NoAngels.com Content Girl (as Susan Hale) 0
Galaxy Hunter Galaxy Hunter Ruby (as Susan Hale) 0
Passion's Obsession Passion's Obsession Party Girl #1/Stripper #1 (as Susan Hale) 0
Accidental Stripper Accidental Stripper Stripper #1 (as Susan Hale) 0
The Mistress Club The Mistress Club Marie (as Susan Hale) 0